The Broken Pony


Here is Jimmy pretending to be sweet and innocent

Good God! I had to punch a horse upside the head last night, and it wasn’t even mine! Jimmy started acting like a total jerk at the canter, due in part to me not having him angled enough before asking to canter the second way. First way, he was perfect. A little fast maybe, but that’s just Jimmy. After picking up the wrong lead twice, he just had a temper tantrum. He got really fast, and took off, sideways, to the gate. M told me to pull his head hard to the left and to clock him upside the head. Naughty pony!

We then cantered small circles, several times, in both directions, until he was slow and he had softened to the bridle. By then we were both exhausted. M declared that it was a good exercise, because I fixed him myself. I sometimes wish they were fixed before I got on them…

I can't even mention much about Jen's lesson, because while M was teaching me, A was teaching her.  Sure, we crossed paths a lot, but I couldn't really pay much attention to what was going on with her and Harley, especially after Jimmy turned into Mr Hyde.  She even left while I was still trying to "fix" Jimmy!  Ungrateful brat!  The least you could have done was stick around long enough to help me put my stuff away!

Blondie is off limits for me until Sunday - D wants to get her racking better, and he thinks that she's getting confused during my lessons, when she just w/t/c.  Instead, I will be riding lesson horses and working on "me."  Talk about depressing.

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2 Responses to The Broken Pony

  1. jen says:
    you didnt tell me it was a problem!!!! I was tired and sore…
  2. Julie says:
    It wasn’t really a problem that you abandoned me like an old shoe….

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