At the Show


After our rather exciting night, I had a very hard time getting up at 6:15.  I was so tired, and I had a headache to boot.  Stupid false alarms! The entire stay at the Hampton was very unsatisfying this time around.

At the Pavilion, it seemed a lot colder than it actually was.  I think all of the doors being open helped to contribute to this feeling of chill.  There were more barns represented at this show than any previous show this year, and many of them were still unloading.  I hadn't even heard of a couple of them.  It was a lot more fun with more horses there.  It didn't seem like there were more people though, which was very odd.

Jen was recruited to sell hoodies for the UPHA, and she ended up doing very well.  She sold about 20 of them, and a bunch of last year's shirts that they were trying to get rid of, too.  Maybe she has a career in sales?

I was in the first class again on Harley, and Laurie was up on Ritz.  There were six riders in our class, which is a huge amount considering how small the ring is.  A warmed Harley up while M warmed up Ritz.  I have decided the only reason D comes to these shows is so he can eat cookies and drink hot chocolate.   At least he excels at it!

I got up on Harley, and when the class was called, headed for the gate.  I was very aggressive with him, and he broke into a canter.  Stupid me, I went into the ring anyway.  I thought I could be him back down to a trot within a few strides.  It took a whole rail...

Many of the horses were less than perfect, too.  One of them was an absolute nutcase, and the rider couldn't even keep him on the rail.  He almost collided with Harley twice.  I finally circled him around through the middle of the ring, and they called the canter before I could get to the other rail.  Laurie and Ritz were coming up next, and she waited to set up Ritz until I got to the rail and cued Harley.  Otherwise there would have been a lot of traffic for us to weave through.

Other than the canter at the beginning, Harley was a good boy.  We trotted into the line up, and we ended up being first out of six.  That has been my best placing, and I was very happy that we won.  Laurie and Ritz were second, which was her best placing, too.  Ritz probably would have won, if Laurie had gotten her to canter the first way.

Our next class was just Laurie and me, and it was a lot of fun.  M was egging us both on, challenging us not to let the other win.  We both had a really good ride, but Harley ended up in first.  M said she probably would have placed Ritz first, because all things being equal, she's a harder horse to ride.  I have to agree that she much more challenging than Harley.

I asked D if we could bring Blondie to the next show, and he said yes, if they could find someone else to ride her.  M had mentioned that a lot of her students were going to the next show, so I hope they can find someone else who can ride my nutty mare.

Jen and I left at the lunch break, and headed to our usual Indian buffet for lunch.  It was so tasty today! The goat vindaloo was especially good, and they had a tomato vegetable rice that was also delicious.  The Japanese restaurant that is in the same shopping center has closed, so we will never be able to able to try their sushi. 

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