Where Did I Drop my Drawers?

Polar Bear

You would have to be a polar bear to enjoy the weather in Michigan

It was really cold yesterday, only about 13 degrees.  I wasn't too worried, though, because I had my bag packed with my Under Armor.  Only when I went to the restroom to change, my expedition weight long johns weren't in my bag!  OMG!  I thought I would expire from dismay right there in the bathroom!  Worse yet, Jen didn't really want to go because it was so cold, and M had called to let me know that the lesson before us had canceled, and it was up to me whether or not we came.   Thinking I had my warm clothing, the freezing temps didn't faze me.   Had I known I was missing my pants I would have canceled!

I got changed into the winter gear that I did have, and off we went to the barn.  I was upset because my riding pants were too big without the thermals, which only served to emphasize that I had forgotten them every time I moved.  I purchased a few pairs that were a size larger to accommodate the added bulk of the thermals.  And then Jen pointed out that the pair I had on had a hole in the seam. And the thread at the knee patch is starting to unravel.   ARGH!!!   They are new and I think I've worn them twice! 

At the barn, Sarah and Zoe were getting Wild Child ready for a drive.  M had mentioned on Sunday that they should try driving, and that Wild Child knew how to drive - she just hasn't done it in about five years.  D helped them get her ready, and then he gave her a refresher course on pulling the buggy.  I didn't get to watch much as I had to get Blondie ready. 

There were a ton of people in the ring when Jen and I led our horses out.  She was riding Doc, because someone else was riding Harley.  Zoe was riding Jimmy, and M was setting up a jump for her in the middle of the arena.  Sarah was still driving Wild Child - it was very crowded out there!

The lesson started, and the highlight was watching Zoe take Jimmy over the jump.  When  she asked for a higher jump, M told her that Jimmy hadn't jumped over 2 feet, and set it up anyway.  Then she told Zoe to make sure she grabbed some mane in case he ducked out.  He didn't hesitate a bit cleared the jump easily.  After they went over it a few times, M had her walk Jimmy so he didn't get too hot.  It was too cold for them to get all sweaty.

D brought the Friesian out during the middle of the lesson, and lunged him so A could ride him.  While that was going on, Sarah came out with Sammy.  Then A hopped on the Friesian, and there were six of us trotting around the ring.  It's a lot more fun with all of the traffic out there, though Jen didn't agree. 

My biggest frustration, once again, was getting Blondie bridled.  She just won't sit nice and pretty unless I man handle her the whole time.  Then the tug of war starts, which I lose, and she pulls me out of the saddle.  I talked to A about that after the class, and she said she would make it her mission to show me how to get the horse bridled.  She said that I need to give the reins a quick flick, and not hold them.  I am hoping someone can help me figure this out before the show season starts!

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3 Responses to Where Did I Drop my Drawers?

  1. Kim says:
    Sammy as in my sammy? Like the old man sammy?
  2. Kim says:
    Actually like Jenn’s sammy?
  3. Julie says:
    Yes, silly girl – it’s THAT Sammy! Haven’t you been to the barn recently?

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