Oops – Another catch up post!

Blondie at Ludington

Wow, I just don't know where the time goes!  It's already Tuesday, and I'm two posts behind!  Good thing nothing much happened on Sunday, so it won't take long to cover that one.

Sunday, as I mentioned previously, was icy, and the drive to the barn was not much fun.  Actually, most of the trouble was getting to my car, and then getting out of the subdivision.  I hope that there weren't any witnesses as I had to slide down the ice on the driveway to grab the hood of my car, and then skate around to the door.  I almost fell when I opened the door!  I won't even discuss what a scary undertaking it was to scrape the ice off of the windows.  I was really starting to have second thoughts about attempting to venture out, but if I'm one thing, it's dedicated.

I managed to safely exit the sub, and then I thought I should probably call and make sure that A was still going to be there.  M & D had a banquet to attend, so they weren't going to be at the barn for long.  A was going to oversee events for the morning instead.  When I called, she was already there, so I continued onward.  The rest of the drive wasn't too bad, but M had warned me to be very careful when walking into the barn.  When I stepped out of my car I immediately understood why - it was a huge sheet of ice. 

Sarah and Zoe showed up shortly after, and we all got our horses ready.  Then we headed out to the arena for our lesson.  It was rather laid back and I think we mostly goofed around.  Then Sarah decided that we should play musical horses, and I ended up on Wild Child, while Zoe got on Blondie and Sarah moved to Jimmy.  We trotted around a while, Sarah tried to get me to canter Wild Child, and I decided it would be a good time to get off when A grabbed a whip to help her out.  Wild Child has the yuckiest canter ever, and Sarah's saddle left me feeling less than secure. 

We switched horses again, and played follow the leader.  Laurie and Audie were there by then, and Audie led the way.  Blondie was pretty tired by then, and Sarah couldn't get her to do much, and since Jimmy was wet, we called it quits for the day.  It was sort of nice just goofing around for a change.

Yesterday, I arrived at the barn, and learned that A would be in charge again.  M was headed off to a meeting.  A helped me get Blondie ready.  It was a really fun lesson, and I feel like I'm finally starting to learn how to ride my horse.  A kept after me to work on Blondie's headset, and then had me practice diamond cuts around the corners and trotting off the rail.  Liz was in the ring, so A had me chase her down, and then pass on the inside, or diamond cut around her. 

I'm getting better at picking up the canter, too.  We grabbed the wrong lead at first, but I was able to stop her and set her back up again.  The other way, I tipped her and made her keep walking instead of trotting like she usually does, and then she stepped off into a nice canter.  Though I still mess up at times, it seems that we are making smoother transitions.

The ring was very crowded last night, and at one time, there were three people lunging 3 different horses!  It was good practice steering Blondie through traffic, especially at the canter, where she tends to cut corners.  It was a little nerve wracking, though.

When the lesson was over, A said we had a fantastic lesson and that Blondie looked great.  Yay!

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