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Look at my new hat!

The temperature took another unpleasant dive in the wrong direction.  The turbo heater wasn't on at the barn, either, and it was really cold!  The parking area was a sheet of ice, and I was seriously afraid that I was going to fall and hurt myself.  There is a salt shortage in the area, and they are having trouble finding.  What they do have they are putting down where the horses walk between the barns - I'd so glad that Blondie is inside and in the barn that's connected to the arena!

A wasn't feeling well, and she left before the lesson.  I was actually a little worried about her, so I called her this afternoon to see how she is feeling.  She sounded a lot better, and said that she felt better once she was able to get her prescription filled. 

The riders in the lesson were Sarah, Tina, and Amber, and one of the boarders.  It felt a little crowded in the arena, and Blondie was just being awful.  So much for all of my feelings of accomplishment!  When we were warming up and M was finishing the lesson before ours, Blondie jumped about 2 feet in fright when Jimmy and Hannah walked by, scaring Jimmy.  It was kind of funny, but I think that Hannah was a little freaked out.  I think it was Jimmy's shadow that set her off.

Blondie would not flat walk, and after fighting with her about it, I let her trot.  The lesson started, and we worked on sitting the trot, trotting in the two point, and posting the trot.  Then M had us set up the horses to canter.  I didn't even get to ask Blondie - she started crow hopping and acting like a total ass.  M thought that I had set her up, and told me to loosen up on her mouth, but by that time, Blondie was basically just running around the ring, slowing down to hop around every few times.  M talked me through slowing her down, and keeping her on the rail, but we kept almost colliding with other horses.  Blondie was having a blonde moment and must not have remembered how to steer.  We finally stopped and reversed directions. 

The other way, she started getting a little light on her feet while I was trying to get her to walk.  M finally told me to just let her trot because she was getting stupid.  Then we cantered the, and I was able to keep her at a reasonable speed, and was even able to rate her speed so she didn't run over the slow moving Harley.

I asked M if they had worked her in the morning, and she told me that they had not, because they didn't want her tired for the hour lesson.  I think that combined with the colder temperatures turned Blondie's brain off.  It was still a good experience, because I was able to keep her from doing anything really stupid, like spinning out, and was able, at the end, to get her to do what I wanted.  But with everything else, I didn't really get to work on her headset, and I starting feeling like we have taken a couple of steps backwards. 

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