Catching up Again

Argh!  My internet has been down, so I wasn’t able to update over the weekend.  Plus, I was fighting with a hot link issue on my other blog that was sucking the life out of my bandwidth, so, once again, I’m behind on my posts here. No picture today because of the internet problem.

Friday was a lunge line lesson on Jimmy.  It was pretty rough going at first, but I think I started getting more solid in my seat by the end.  During the lesson, M mentioned that one of her new adult riders might be going to the next academy show, and if she does, she will have to ride Harley.  Where does that leave me, I am wondering.  If I’m going to ride Blondie, someone else has to be able to ride her,   or she has to show her in a show bridle.  I asked about getting her going with the show bridle, since I have to use it anyway, but didn’t really get a response.  The show is only a week away, so I would like to know which horse I will be riding.  The sooner I know, the better, as I can start getting mentally prepared.  Harley is pretty easy to ride – Blondie will be a pain in the ass.  I’d rather ride her, though, since she’s my horse!

Yesterday, D was in charge of my lesson.  Blondie had a pair of stretchers on for one rotation around the arena, and then they promptly broke at the cuff.  That was a real bummer, because she felt like she was actually doing something with her front legs instead of just shuffling along.  Then we had a few issues at the back door, and D told me to hold her over by the wall, but to also turn her head away from it with the inside rein, so she wasn’t looking at it.  Uh, duh, why didn’t I think of that myself?

Blondie was fairly well behaved, and we called it quits when she started doing her head bobbing thing.  I was getting ready to go, and D asked Tina if she wanted to ride the Friesian.  She did, so I decided to hang out and watch.  While they were getting him ready, D took me out to the pasture to show me the new babies on the property.  There are two Morgans and a huge ASB.  The scruffiest little Morgan kept biting me, but the other one was so cute and friendly, demanding scratches and pats.  The ASB wouldn’t even come near us, which was a bummer, because I really wanted to see him.  It was the first time I have actually been able to spend some time with any babies, and it was really fun.  Wish I hadn’t lost my video camera.

We went back to the barn, and Tina took her ride on Blackie.  While she was riding, D asked me if I wanted to ride him.  Since he’s only been broke for about 3 weeks, I thought I would pass.  Tina told me he was really cool and I should give it a go, so I did.  So, I was able to ride my first Friesian, and he’s a stallion at that.  I got into a little bit of trouble because I was bouncing on his back and he’s not used to that yet, but after I got myself reorganized, everything went pretty smoothly.  He is a really neat horse, and he’s so big!

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