Ghosts in the Shavings Pile!

Jen and I headed off to our lesson yesterday, happy with the break from work.  We are so busy it’s crazy!  Oh, and my internet is fixed, I’m just booked solid this week so I am posting at lunch, which means no picture.  I’ll make up for it later. 

I rode Blondie and Jen rode Doc, who she really likes for some reason.  She even had him cantering by mistake, and managed to not fall off.   Yea, Jen!

Right off the bat, Blondie started acting like, well, a blonde.  When I was warming her up, she kept casting a wary eye into the center of the ring near the shavings pile.  I don’t know what she saw, other than a couple of piles of horse poop.  They weren’t steaming, so I didn’t think that’s what was making her nervous.  Then M moved over by the shavings pile – don’t know if she was sitting on the mounting block or standing up from sitting on the mounting block, but Blondie was suddenly terrified.  She tried to spin in to the center, and M told me to use the outside rein and not let her go where she wanted to.  I did it!  I was able to get her back over to the rail, and then we had her walk past the shavings pile in both directions a few times until she got her mind back on work.  Well, as much of her mind as she could spare, as I’m such most of her brain power goes to just doing simple things like breathing, eating, and standing up. 

Ok, I have decided that I have the stupidest horse on the planet.  She has seen M in the arena about a thousand times by now, and she suddenly forgot what she looked like.  Or that she was even in the arena, even though she was talking to us.  The cribbing is starting to break down the tissue in her tiny, walnut sized brain, I think.    Silly pony!  Do I say mean things about my horse?  You bet – one of the guys at work was trying to convince me that horses are smarter than dogs.  What are you, nuts?  Buu isn’t the brightest star in the sky, but even he is smarter than my horse.  And he doesn’t try to bite me or walk all over me! 

The rest of the lesson was pretty straightforward.  Blondie was a little fast at her canters but I think I am finally figuring out how to slow her down.  Keeping her cantering is another story.  Cantering her on circles is also rough for both of us – I’m not sure why that particular maneuver is so difficult.  I mean, I can walk in a circle and run in a circle and even drive a car in a circle – why can’t I ride a horse in a circle??

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