Where is Spring?


The temps plummeted on Wednesday, so I really bundled up before heading to the lesson.  After checking the whiteboard at the barn, I saw that I was scheduled to ride Blondie, so I assumed that we would be taking her to the show on Saturday.  M confirmed this, saying that the first class is a schooling class, so there’s no requirement for show bridles, and only Laurie and myself are ever in the equitation class, so the odds of someone complaining about the lack of a show bridle were pretty slim.  I don’t really care, disqualify me, just let me ride my horse and see if I can do it outside of the barn. 

It was a pretty large group lesson, with 5 riders, and so we practiced diamond cuts and staying out of traffic.   Blondie was a pill in her stall, but she was mostly ok once we got to the arena.  She ran into her canter, and dropped out of it when I tried to pivot her around Gio.  Not enough outside leg. 

Today has been a bummer of day.  Jen got into an accident on her way to finishing moving out of her apartment before the closing on her house, and called me, very upset.  Which made me very upset.  Some woman pulled out in front of her, and since it has been snowing heavily and the roads were slick, she slid into the other car.  She called me before the police had shown up, and I was afraid she would get the ticket because she rear ended the other car.  Nope, the other lady got the ticket.  Jen’s car is not quite right, so I’m not sure what she’s going to be doing for transportation.  At least nobody was hurt.  Hope her close goes much smoother.


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