Starts and Stops

The weather finally seems to be improving! It was about 35 degrees when we left work and headed out for our lesson. I decided to just use 2 hand warmers, and it turned out that I was too warm with all of my layers.
Is it finally time to start cutting back?

This was the long awaited lesson, because Jen was going to canter! We did the trotting thing, and then I went into the middle of the arena so M could remove Blondie’s stretchers. I stayed in the middle so I would have a front row seat for Jen’s first attempt to canter. Doc has gotten a little preppy a few times and broken into a canter, but this was the first time she was going to do it on purpose. She was riding Harley, and he usually is easy to get moving. After a couple of starts and stops, she finally cantered a rail! Yay! She was having a problem falling back and catching Harley on the mouth, which would bring him to a complete stop.

M asked if we wanted to go to the Academy Awards Banquet. Laurie and I are in the running for the High Point champs in adult equitation. I am not the most social person and I don’t really want to go, but Jen said she would go with me, so maybe I will force myself to attend. At $30 per ticket, though, it’s awfully expensive.

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