What Happened to Spring??


Summer, taking a walk on the wild side

Sunday was cold, so I had to dig out my thermals again.  What happened?  It was supposed to start warming up!  It was about 29 degrees when I got up, much better than being in the teens, but still!  It should be spring!  Well, ok, not officially until next weekend, but still!

Blondie was feeling better, though M mentioned that she did give her a shot of banamine on Saturday because she was still not moving her neck.  That stuff must be magic, because Blondie seemed to be back to her old self.  Not as obnoxious, but she did try to bite me few times when I was getting her ready.

A's sister rode Harley while I rode Blondie, and we had an uneventful lesson.  I am having trouble at the canter.  I noticed on Sunday that my foot position was beyond awkward and my foot was too far into the stirrup, and my reins were too long, which allowed her to take off too fast.  Just a couple of lessons ago, I had this gait down, if not pat, to where I was comfortable, and Blondie wasn't blasting forward when I asked for it.

Fast forward to Monday's lesson.  At the canter, the same thing; my betraying right leg, which has always been a problem, was too far back, and my foot was too far in the stirrup.  Off Blondie went, at a "hand gallop," whatever the heck that is, barreling around the arena.  M was telling me to get my leg out of her side, which Blondie clearly thought was saying, "Go faster!  There is a scary monster chasing us!"  I put her on a circle, hearing M warn, "Not too small - she'll slip!"  This just never gets any easier.

I finally did get her slower, but it was nowhere as nice and relaxed as a few lessons ago.  I am puzzled by what is going on here.  I think I need to ride Harley at a canter to find out what I am doing wrong.  He's so much more patient than my psycho mare.

Jen had a better lesson than I did, though she disagrees.  She tried cantering again, and she doesn't fall forward when she gives the cue.  No, instead, she stays nice and straight in the saddle.  *Sigh*  She was able to make it around the entire arena before Harley had enough of the n00b and started walking.

Now I am wondering how my lesson will go tomorrow night.  It's the long group lesson, and Blondie always gets crabby halfway through.  It's not like I'm making her work 11 hours a day - I'm the one who has to do that to keep her belly full of hay.  No, I'm asking her to hold her head up a little higher, trot with a little more animation, and canter nice and slowly.  That's it!  The ungrateful pony...

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4 Responses to What Happened to Spring??

  1. jen says:
    DUDE!!!! you can call me a n00b….
  2. jen says:
    i meant CANT call me a n00b.. also the fact that the submit query button likes to play hid and seek on me makes this really fun
  3. Julie says:
    Dudette! Compared to Harley, you will ALWAYS be a n00b! Like, forever! You will never know as much as him, even if you ride every day for the next 10 years. But keep trying, anyway. Yeah, the button, i don’t know why it is acting so shy
  4. jen says:
    Thats ok. Its kinda like a game. The faster i can hit the button… the better i am.

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