Way Too Fast

Medallions 2007

I bet her feet don't slide through her stirrups!

Ahgh! I am getting a little frustrated with myself and my horse.  All of a sudden, our slow, collected canters have devolved into frantic gallops around the arena, and I don't understand what the heck is going on. 

We cantered the second way first, and it was just the ugliest canter ever.  My feet slid too far into the stirrups, and M had me stop and fix them.  This is a new bad habit that I have developed, as is the panicked way I was gripping the horse with my lower legs.  When we reversed, I was able to keep her slower, but it was still too fast.  M announced that we are going to have a lunge line lesson on Friday because both of my legs are creeping back.  She also mentioned that she and D talked, and that he doesn't want to use the show horses for the longer group lesson.  I have to agree with that, because by the end of the hour, Blondie is so pissy.  She's used to being working in 30 minute blocks, and an hour is just too long for her.

I received the show bill for the first show, which is at the end of April.  D had been playing with the idea of showing Blondie in the Country Pleasure Division, but last night M said that we will stick with Show Pleasure.  That means he has to change her shoes, and I hope he can get that done pretty quickly.  I can't remember how much they changed how she trots, but I know that there will be a difference, and I will need to get used to it again.

On the weather side, it has gotten crappy and cold again.  Overcast most days, with a very cold rain to keep everything feeling damp.  I am so bummed that the first nice night of the year (Friday), Blondie was too stiff to work.  I hate winter!  Wait, what am I saying - tomorrow is the first day of spring.  Let's quickly browse over the forecast for the next few days - hmmmm - snow, snow, and more scattered snow showers.  WTH!?

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  1. I really enjoy your writing style and do enjoy reading about Blondie. Keep up the good work and don’t give up.

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