Happy Easter!

Blondie at Ludington

What do I love most about the holidays?  The fact that hardly anyone goes to the barn, that's what!  I was able to ride Blondie and Glory today!

It is cold again, if you have been paying attention to me complaining about the weather.  At least it has been sunny, so there is a fine illusion of it being spring.  The snow covered ground ruins it, though, and I am forced to accept that winter will be hanging around for at least another week or so, which is how long I think it will take for the snow to melt.  It's supposed to be in the 40s all week, so at least things are moving in the right direction.  As for today, D pulled out the turbo heater, declaring that since it was a holiday, we'd have some heat.

I got Blondie ready, and had a pretty uneventful lesson on her.  I had her cantering a lot better than I have been, so there is proof that those torturous lunge line lessons do some good.  It was cold enough to make poop steam, so of course Blondie dumped a good sized pile down by the scary end.  When she wanted to spook at it, I didn't let her.  It's hers, after all!  She needs to accept it!

After the walk, trot, canter thing with Blondie, D asked if I wanted to take Glory for a spin.  Glory is a cute bay Morgan, I think he's maybe five, and one of the high school kids owns him.  A helped me get him ready, and then I took him out to the ring.  M was helping one of girls learn how to drive, so Kim's mom helped me get on the horse. 

It's always interesting getting on a horse for the first time.  Blondie has an annoying habit of walking off before you're all the way in the saddle, Harley stands there patiently, hoping you'll forget why you took him there and just let him sleep.  Glory kind of rushed forward, and then he settled into a rapid walk.  When I touched my leg on him to move him over to the rail, he goosed. 

Tina and Kim were out in the arena, and as M was teaching the driving lesson, D was in charge of us.  He told us to trot, and off goes Glory at a canter.  I tried to slow him down but he wasn't listening, so I had to turn his head into the wall to get him to stop.  Almost falling off in the process.  Great way to start a ride on a new horse!

To make a long story short, Glory doesn't like it when you bounce on his back, but nobody warned me, even when I asked, what's his deal.  Argh!  You have to ask him to trot and start posting immediately or he loses his mind and takes off.  Ok, thanks for the tip.

Most of the time I felt like I was posting too far forward, but after a while of trotting, I started to feel like I was getting the hang of it.  Glory is go, go, go, and Blondie needs to be constantly reminded to move forward.  D had me canter by myself the first time, and he warned me that the horse surges forward at the beginning.  After Glory took off, D had me canter a couple of circles around him, and then take him to the rail.  He kind of starts and stops, surging forward and then falling back.  It took some getting used to.

By the time we trotted the other way and cantered again, I was exhausted and steaming as much as the horse.  Glory was a lot of work, but I really liked him.  Since I was all sweaty, I stayed for only a little while longer.  I started to get chilled, and wanted to change out of my damp clothes.

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