I Guess You Had to be There

Monday's lesson was taught by A.  Jen was scheduled to ride Doc, and I was up on Harley.  It felt weird riding him again after riding Blondie pretty much exclusively. 

This outing was a laugh a minute, and I don't remember doing much but laughing so hard I thought I was going to fall off of the horse.  Why?  Well, Jen is still new to the horse world, and when they make their unrestrained bodily noises, she just starts cracking up.  It all started when Doc, trotting as vigorously down the rail as a 27 year old quarter horse can, farted, all the way down the rail.  It was like jet propulsion.  Then Jen couldn't stop giggling, which got me laughing, too.  So hard that I almost ran into the lone boarder out there on her pony.  Jen's reaction was so funny, and the rest of the lesson was spent giggling.

A kept giving me grief about my crooked feet and flopping arms.  I didn't think they were that bad....

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