Last Week’s Lessons

Summer at Ludington 2007

It's been a busy week again, so here is a brief recap of the weekly lessons, which took place in temperatures much to cold for spring!

Wednesday night was a full group lesson, and I rode Blondie.  After a little struggle with her, she cantered slower than she had been.  We have taken up my stirrups a hole, and I think that has really helped me.  I feel more in control, and I was able to sit down instead of being pulled forward and bouncing around on her back.  I felt a lot better after the lesson because, other than the head shaking, she behaved herself and didn't just carry me away with her.

Friday's lesson was on Harley.  I was going to ride him in the academy show on Saturday, as they were taking Sharpe's, one of the other boarder's horses, instead of Blondie.  A ran the lesson.  Harley spooked at the shavings pile, and she said I totally fell apart, so she made me run two laps around the arena.  I beg to disagree, but since Sarah was willing to run around with me, I trotted dutifully off.  At the back gate I pretended to be Blondie and spooked toward the inside of the ring, which had Sarah cracking up.  I hate to admit that I had a hard time running around two times and I was quite out of breath when I was finished.  I should have paced myself better, but since I didn't realize I was running a marathon, I didn't.

After the lesson, I picked up Jen from work, and then Sarah and Zoe followed us up to Okemos.  We were going to have a slumber party, but I warned them that Jen and I turn in early.  We both get up a little after 4 am, and by Friday, we're both exhausted.  We grabbed a fast but satisfying dinner at Pancheros, and then checked into the hotel.

Since the incident with the fire alarms the last time we stayed at the Hampton, they upgraded my room to a queen suite.  It was a much larger room than the standard, and came with a microwave, mini fridge, pop corn, a couch, and a little bar area.  I liked the room.  We all chilled out for a while and then hit the hay. 

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