The Show

Gio, not wearing his bridle

Ok, I won't lie - this show sucked.  I was in two classes, and Harley and I were 5th out of 5 both times.  I thought I rode well, but the other horses were mainly more compact and speedier Morgans.  Harley is a huge Saddlebred.  Plus, by the time I hopped on for my last class, the adult equitation class, he was pretty much spent.  He was tired and drenched in sweat.  During the class, he kept swapping leads on his back legs at the far turn, and he tripped and almost fell on the last canter.  Sarah said it looked like he was bucking - I assured her he was only about to fall on his face.  Bet it looked pretty bad to the judge, too.

Like at the last show, the judge placed Harley poorly in all of his classes but one in the morning.  Doc, the 27 year old quarter horse, placed better. I was very frustrated, and would have preferred to have ridden Blondie considering how poorly we did.  After the last class I just wanted to be done and get out of there.  I think part of the problem is, when I ride Harley, I feel that I'm competing against all of the other riders.  When I ride Blondie, I feel like I'm competing with her, and as long as I get her through the class, I've won, regardless of where we place.  Harley is a push button horse, he does exactly what you tell him to, and therefore he should do well every time.  Whatever the reason, I was really down on myself yesterday.

Jen and I stopped by our favorite Indian buffet and I drowned my disappointment in two plates of goat curry and a yummy veggie dish that I forget the name of.  Then I came home and cried to Dean, who told me I need to train harder and ride better at the next show.  Thanks, Honey, for stating the obvious!

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