Things Not to Do Around Horses


Ah!  Yesterday was finally starting to feel like spring!  It was in the 50s, and very muggy.  Today is an extreme reversal, as the heavy winds are making it feel very cold, and the cloudy skies are bleak and gloomy.  Boohoo!

Jen rode Harley last night, and I had a lunge line lesson on Jimmy.  I believe my legs are getting stronger, as I was even able to canter (while holding the reins) without flying all over the saddle like I usually do.  I did have a bit of a stupid moment when I slapped my leg (I was getting a cramp), sending Jimmy off in a frenzied run.  I stayed on, with no reins, and stopped him before embarrassing myself and falling off.  Then we had to trot a few more times to calm him down.  Poor guy - I scared the crap out of him.

A is bringing her mare, Classy, next Tuesday.  This is our thing, and we will be the only ones working her.  A's going to teach me how to bit the horse and how to lunge her.  I've had a horse for two years and have never had to lunge her, so I don't know how to do it.  I'm really excited to be learning more about training and horses in general - I think that most barns kind of skip over teaching you the really basic stuff because it's so basic they don't even think about it. 

The mare also shows in the Country Pleasure Division, so I can still show Blondie in the Challenge of the Breeds and regular Show Pleasure classes.   Yay!  I hate going to shows and only riding in two or three classes.  Here's hoping that I'll be a better rider by the end of the show season, and everything works out the way I hope.

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