Ah, Where to Start?

At the Barn

Wednesday's lesson was on Harley, because Blondie tried to buck D off earlier in the day.  He pulled out her show bridle, and she didn't want anything to do with it.  To say he was unhappy with her attitude is to say the least.  She was grounded from me riding her until Friday, so they could remind her how an amateur's horse is supposed to behave.  

The group lesson was pretty uneventful, and Harley was breathing so heavily I started feeling guilty again for pushing him. A was really getting after me to get him moving, but the poor old guy just can't keep up with the younger show horses. Plus, he was getting so sweaty, I was afraid it would take forever to dry him off.

Friday was a pleasant day; I think spring is finally here to stay.  I got Blondie ready, and when I took her out to the arena, M told me that she rode her the day before, with a western saddle and a big western show bridle, to remind her again how to wear a curb bit.  The horse was absolutely perfect for me, wearing her bridle, cantering in a little ball, and trotting nice straight lines.  We called it good before the half hour was up, and M offered for me to ride Harley.  The Academy Banquet was today, so I decided to get some of my weekend chores finished instead, so I wouldn't have to worry about fitting them into an already busy schedule.

Yesterday, Dean and I had lunch at A Matter of Taste.  Why do I bring that up?  Because the Thai Crisped Walleye in a spicy (not really) red curry sauce really messed up my stomach.  I don't know what was in it that my system didn't like, but I've had a stomach ache since last night.  I am used to eating spicy food - I eat it every day.  If you aren't used to spicy food, definitely don't order that dish or you will suffer untold agony.

This morning started a little on the chilly side, but quickly warmed up to about 60 degrees.  Blondie forgot how to wear her bridle again, so M switched her curb rein for a draw rein.  It was a little awkward to hold, but Blondie started setting her head.  She is really frustrating me, though, because when I want to reduce some pressure on the reins, she just grabs back at the bit and pulls her head down. 

When I was taking Blondie from the arena, Sarah was riding the Friesian on the lunge line, and he started bucking again.  Big, Friesian bucks, too!  Sarah lost both stirrups, shot about three feet out of the saddle, but she managed to hang on and get him under control again.  She is such a good rider!  D told us later that if we want to ride him again, we need to do it by next Saturday, because he is going off to team driving school. Uh, I'll wait a few more years, thanks.

The Awards Banquet was pretty fun.  I picked up Jen, we went up to Kohl's because I didn't have anything to wear, and then came back to the house to change.  The banquet was at Baker's in Milford, about 20 minutes from the house.  We arrived just as Sarah and Zoe pulled up, and headed inside together.

The food wasn't bad.  There was salad, which I passed on, corn, mac & cheese, baked chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, and lots and lots of rolls. There was also an awesome cake with horses on it, but the frosting was toooo sweeeet.  The roast beef was also sub-par, but the chicken was very tasty.

I ended up winning three Reserve Championship ribbons, which was kind of a bummer for me.  Until last week's fiasco, I had the most points, so I disappointed that I didn't get any Championship ribbons.  Just wait until next year!

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