I Thought it was Spring?

Crystal Horse Show

This morning I woke up to nasty, vile, tiny flakes of snow.  WTF?!  It's supposed to be spring!  What a terrible disappointment, as the ground slowly turned white.  Terrible! Horrible!  I'm sick of winter!  Die already!

Wednesday, I rode Jimmy. M had me slated for Harley, but I asked if I couldn't ride someone a little, er, faster.  Harley is the easiest horse in the barn to ride, and I really need to start riding some of the tougher ones.  The lesson went well, except that I couldn't get Jimmy to walk.  He also started to get really hot, so she had me canter alone the first way.  I kept him on a circle, and really worked at lifting his shoulder and not letting him bury his head and take off.  He's actually a lot like Blondie - she doesn't like to walk, and she constantly pulls at the bit, too.

Friday, it was 70 degrees, and we were under a tornado watch.  Last year, two Fridays in a row, we had to stop my lesson because of storms and tornado warnings.  The promised storm never materialized, but there was a very pretty rainbow when I was leaving.

Tank, the poor kitty, was throwing up in an empty stall, and after I realized what he was doing, I went in to pet his head and talk to him comfortingly until he hacked up a wad of grass.  Everyone at the barn now thinks I'm nuts.  Don't you want to help make your pet feel better when it doesn't feel well?  Tank appreciated it, and he came over the lie down by my tack box.  He didn't even hiss at me when I scratched his head later. 

We used the draw rein again for Blondie's lesson, but I don't think she held her head as nicely as the week before.  I did have an epiphany at the canter, as M told me to use my whole body to bring her back and keep her slow.  I leaned back and really sat deep in the saddle and I didn't bounce around!  Finally!  Of course I couldn't repeat the same thing on the other side, but now I kind of know what I haven't been doing.

Today, there was a jr judging clinic at the barn.  I forgot that it was today.  It was for the saddlebreds, and there were two "classes," an in-hand and show pleasure riding.  D showed Blondie for the in-hand class, and she beat the other horses, but I don't think she should have won.  Sammy had better motion, and Summer stood in the line up better, so her conformation looked prettier.  I missed the reasoning for why Blondie was first.  She is pretty, but her conformation wasn't the best out there.

For the riding class, they had me ride her in a show bridle. I haven't done that in almost a year.  At first I was pulling on it too hard, which was making her so mad.  I got better with the pressure on the reins, but I was using too much curb and not enough snaffle.  The class went pretty well, mainly because Sammy, ridden by D, was being an utter tard, and Summer wouldn't walk. Harley kept breaking at the canter.  Blondie did break from a trot to a canter for a few strides, but I quickly corrected her.  We won the class.  She was best behaved, which is a total shocker, and she looked the easiest to ride. 

As I was putting Blondie away, A's stepfather arrived with Classi, the NSH that I am half-leasing for the show season.  She is really pretty!  She's a bright chestnut, with a razor thin stripe on her muzzle.  We brushed her up, and then after A warmed her up, I got on for a trial spin. 

Classi has a few quirks, one being that you can't kick her. This is the very opposite of Blondie, who you have to kick every few strides or she quits on you.  With Classi, you have to squeeze instead.  It's going to take me a bit to get used to that, but she steps right into a canter.  You just squeeze and kiss.  No tipping, kicking, and all of that other stuff.  Just squeeze and go.  That's nice!

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