Prepping for the Show

The snow from Sunday morning all melted away, and it's starting to feel like spring again.  The parking area was a mushy, muddy mess when Jen and I headed into the barn for our lesson.  The chiropractor had been there in the morning, to work on some of the show horses.  D didn't think Blondie needed a back-cracking, but many of the other horses did, including Harley.  The dentist will be there on Wed, which means that once again, my horse sees the dentist more than I do.

I rode Classi, and Jen rode Harley.  The lesson was a little short, because Classi is so out of shape, and Harley had had his back worked on.  Classi has  a few quirks, like she gets all bottled up and won't move forward.  You have to put your hands on her neck to relax her, and she starts moving forward again.  She was a little spooky by the shavings pile, but other than that, she was pretty steady.  Her trot is a lot choppier than Blondie's, which had me balancing on her mouth.  I am determined that by the end of the season I will be steadier with my hands and not pull on the poor horse's mouth.  It's always good to have a goal.

M had me concentrate on getting the mare's head set, and she must have thought I can do it, because A called on Tuesday to tell me that M has submitted the entry for Classi for next week's show.  I still have to work on the canter - Classi is a lot different than my horse.  She's bouncier, but she's a lot easier to get moving in the canter.

As the weather is so nice today, I think I will try to get to the barn a little early and take some pictures.  Maybe the yearlings will be playing in their pasture.

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