A Floating We Will Go


Since both of my girls saw the dentist today (even the step-pony, who had a wolf tooth removed), I rode Jimmy for the group lesson to give their mouths a chance to rest up.  I arrived early, so I could test out my new camcorder and snap a few pics with my camera.  Zoë was taking a jumping lesson with Jimmy, and M had a course of jumps set up for them.  I spent some time goofing with the camcorder and trying to figure out how it works.  Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to get the software installed on my PC and upload a few videos.

This was large lesson group; with the horse show next week, everyone wants to squeeze as much ride time in as possible before the show.  Jimmy was pretty good, for a change, but some of the other horses were just plain naughty!  It all started with Sarah, right after she climbed on Ritz.  The mare decided she didn't have to listen to what Sarah wanted her to do, and so they spent the first 5 minutes walking into walls.  Then Audie got on Bentley, and the pony took off crow hopping all the way down the rail!  Almost into me and Jimmy!  I hate to admit it, but the pony looked so cute while he was misbehaving.  Audie managed to stay on, A managed to catch the miscreant's bridle, and they spent the next 10 minutes walking around the inside of the ring. 

Oh!  I forgot!  I was the first out in the ring, because Zoë had to pick up the jumps.  We swapped saddles, and I stated walking Jimmy around, hoping to cool him off a little before our lesson started.  Amber came out and A helped her get on Harley, and then she left to help the late arrivals get their horses ready.  Harley did not like the jumps one little bit, and he started shying away from them.  I told Amber to keep him in the middle and to cut a wide path around the jumps until Zoë had them all picked up.  Harley is a big chicken! 

The lesson was a lot of fun, but the mares were all psychos.  Summer wouldn't walk (not unusual for her), wouldn't slow down, and was slick with sweat halfway through the lesson.  M had Laurie start walking her out so they weren't there all night.  Ritz wouldn't walk, either, which again is nothing new for her. 

Every time I ride Jimmy, we pick up the wrong canter lead going the second way.  We did it again last night, and when I stopped him to correct it, we almost had a pile up of horses with Summer and Harley.  I love group lessons!

I am also pleased to report that I am getting better at the sitting trot.  I don't bounce all over the place ( or I didn't last night), and I was sitting deeper in the saddle.  Yay, me!

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  1. Beckz says:
    Well done! sitting trot is my nemesis I wish it would disappear

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