Countdown to the Show


Friday's lesson left me a little dissatisfied.  Blondie just kept pulling at her bridle, and would not set her head.  I think that I was more upset because last Sunday she was the next best thing to perfect, and now here she was, fighting me the whole time.  M said that I was holding the curb rein too tightly, which I think is due to the mare snatching the snaffle rein out of my grasp.  Something else to work on....

I drove her today, and it was first time since last summer.  She was really well behaved, though.  I also discovered that my arms muscles have gotten a little lax.  They were really tired when I brought her into the middle to practice a quick back.

After watching a few of the other horses get worked, A helped me with Classi.  We longe lined her first, and then I climbed aboard.  I still feel pretty unsure on her, and hope that I get myself sorted out before next Saturday.  I think I'll be able to ride her about three more times, so hopefully I'll feel more comfortable about her choppy gait by the time I show her.  D is going to put her show shoes on, and then she'll be easier to ride.  Or so A claims.  I hope so....

Had one interesting moment when riding her past the dreaded, horse eating back door.  She pulled a Blondie, and spooked big time.  I stayed on, though I had the side of my face smacked by her neck.  I guess that is the downside to a horse setting in it's bridle - Blondie has never whacked me in the face!  Anyway, Classi spooks with her right eye, and Blondie spooks with her left eye, so they've got me covered in both directions!

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