The Night Before the Show

I've been a little lax about updating, but I had a lot to take care of before I could depart on my little jaunt to Okemos. Here are the highlights from the last two lessons:

Monday, the weather was beautiful, which made riding even more pleasant. The big excitement came after the lesson, when I was putting Classi away.  The silly mare bolted out of her stall when I was trying to get her halter on.  I panicked a bit, shouted loudly for A because I thought her mare was going to run right out of the barn, and grabbed the saddle.  That spun her around and she ran back into her stall.  Real lesson learned:  close stall door when putting on or taking off bridles!

Wednesday's lesson was a weird one. Got to the barn, to discover that Bentley had colicked,and things weren't looking so good for him.  This utterly bummed me out, because he is so cute.  When I left last night, his outlook was very bleak.  Fast forward to today - he finally pooped, and he's going to be fine. He's even coming to the show tomorrow!

The other incident occurred during the lesson, and for a change, I was not the main attraction.  Zoe was cantering Jimmy on a circle, turned him a little too tightly, and he fell.  Down.  In a big cloud of dust.  Once again, things turned out well, as neither horse nor rider was hurt.  Zoe was more stunned to find herself sitting in the dirt than anything else, and she was able to get back on and continue with the lesson.  We also learned that one of the new riders is any emergency room physician, so that's a little reassuring.

Today, I left work early and made a break for the fairgrounds.  I watched most of the horses get worked, including Blondie and Classi, but that was about it.  I wasn't able to snap many pics because the lighting in the arena sucked.  Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend will be better days for shooting pictures and video.  I hope one of the kids will help me with my little video camera, so I can concentrate on using my other camera.  The staff photographer blew me off, so here I am, trying to cover the entire weekend by myself. Jen, if you're reading this, feel guilty!

Pictures to follow.

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2 Responses to The Night Before the Show

  1. jen says:
    i don’t feel guilty at all because you forgot to mention me in Monday’s lesson.
  2. Julie says:
    You didn’t do anything worth mentioning!!

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