Lesson 7.4

Friday night lessons have become lunge line lessons, which means lots of no stirrup and no reins work.  Yuck.

This lesson was on Doc, who is turning out to be a dependable lunge line lesson horse.  He has an easy trot, but a rough canter, and because he's rather lazy, he has a habit of just stopping, the silly old guy.

We worked on the usual no stirrup trotting, and then M added a new one; no reins at the canter.  This was really tough, and I'm not sure why, as I don't think I use the reins to balance, especially on Harley.  Then we worked on transitioning from the canter to a posting trot, again with no reins.  I almost fell off the first time, but after a few more attempts, though unsteady, was able to do it.

Abby rode Blondie in a group lesson earlier in the day.  M said they are getting Blondie ready for the academy shows for me.  They decided to have Abby ride her because she's about my size, but she's a more aggressive rider.  She had the same problem getting the horse to canter that I do, but Abby's a better rider (she was 3rd at the Morgan World's), and she has better balance, so she can get after Blondie better than I can. 

Since I'm not working the Tuesday after Christmas (Dean is, poor guy), I booked another lesson.  It should be a nice day to get some things done around the house, run out for the lesson, and then get back home and just laze about.  Probably won't end up to be anything like that...

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