Frenzied Update – Getting Ready for the Show

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The recent lack of updates is due to fatigue.  I am trying like heck to fight off a cold, and after riding yesterday, spent the rest of the day napping and reading.  It figures that one of the flakes I work with would bring the plague to the office.  Now almost everyone who works up front is sick!  Just keep your germs at home!  I'm the only one who has to work when they are sick!

Friday was a good lesson on Blondie.  She was a very good girl, and after, M said we would try her show bridle on Sunday.  Yay!

Yesterday was a dreary, raining day, more like a fall afternoon than a spring one.  It was depressing, and me not feeling well didn't help much.  I rode Blondie first, and then Classi.  They changed the bit on Blondie's bridle, and "A" warmed her up.  It's a good thing, because the silly mare spooked at her bridle.  Bits are so scary! 

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I kept cueing the canter with both legs, which had M tearing her hair out.  I wasn't the only one, and that had her grinding her teeth in frustration.  Hey, the horse show is only a few days away, so we really have to boost up her anxiety level.  Did a pretty good job, too!

"A" was yelling at me when I was riding Classi.  Too much curb rein!  You are going to get in trouble because you are using too much curb rein!!  The session with Classi will not go down in history as a stellular lesson.  It didn't help that I wasn't feeling well.  Oh, well, there's always another day to try to get this right!

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Which brings us to today's lesson.  I rode Classi again, in a training bridle.  And what does "A" tell me?  Not ENOUGH curb rein!  Is it any wonder that I am confused about this particular issue?  More with a martingale, less with a show bridle?  Argh!

I was also told to stop yelling at the poor horse, aka, kissing when cueing the canter.  Classi doesn't need that.  She doesn't like that.  Too bad I am conditioned to DO that.  Oh, well, there's always another day to try and get this right!!!

Jen had a interesting moment, as her saddle slipped.  I don't know if it was during the canter or just after, but all of a sudden, she was sliding off of Doc.  Good thing "A" caught her!  Yeah, always check that girth before getting on!

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  1. jen says:
    The Girth was fine!! I lost my left stirrup, and in trying to get my foot back in it i pushed on the right one. A said the girth was peachy. But she said we both had good rides! And she thinks that they are going to give me 2 reins next week. ::kowai::

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