Just Shoot Me Now

So, here I am at the horse show. Or more specifically, back at the hotel. Listening to the construction yahoos congregated outside my door discuss how they don't smoke pot before they're going to drive. Good thinking, guys! Now get the hell away from my door and hang out somewhere else!

I will keep this post short and sweet because I'm exhausted, and I'm disappointed with how our class went.  D decided to drop Blondie to Country Pleasure - you  know, where manners count.  I have one of the most ill-mannered horses in the barn.  That's just the way she is.  If you get after her for being a pig, she gets piggier.  She thinks she is far too good for manners.

The warm up wasn't too bad, though everyone was yelling at me about having my hands too high.  Just a few weeks ago, they were yelling at me for not having them high enough.  Wonder where the confusion comes in??  I don't.

Fast forward 3 hours, and it's show time!  We were in the 6th class, with 5 other horses.  Blondie was fine trotting in.  The real problem began at the walk.  There were horses in front of us, so I stopped in the middle of a rail.  She was suddenly certain that something was going to leap over the rail and eat both of us.  This mannered country horse was hopping around and acting like a complete fool.  Then she was fine on the canter, the reverse and the next trot.  At the walk, she was a spooky mess again.  I'm very discouraged with our performance.  On the bright side, I stayed on her, even though she looked like a crazed beast.  You can guess where we finished, so I won't insult your intelligence by actually typing it out.

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