Quick Show Post

Disclaimer - Not proof read in the slightest bit.  Be nice and ignore the typos.

I am so tired!  Having two horses to show is a lot of work, and I'm exhausted!  It doesn't help that the fairgrounds aren't exactly close to the hotel I'm staying at.  I forgot how awful the traffic is on this side of town - so glad I relocated!  Yesterday I was pretty much stuck at the fairgrounds, because my showing schedule was scattered during the day.

Bad news - both my SLR and my video camera are on the fritz.  The SLF is displaying an error code for the sensors and the zoom button on the video camera is broken.  They are both going to have to go in for service.  Boohoo.

Yesterday was a more successful day.  First was Classi's halter class - I have never showed in one before, and I had no clue what I was doing.  Plus, they show differently on the Arabian circuit than on the ASB circuit.  Since it was a one horse class, it didn't really matter how much I goofed up - Classi tried to make herself look stunning, to overcome my lack of experience.  It was kind of fun running around the judge with the horse trotting behind me.  We are going to try this again at the EMA show in two weeks.  There will actually be come competition there.

I rode Classi in the afternoon session, after taking M to the hardware store to get clamps so he could fix a couple of horse shoes.  Classi in the riding class wasn't quite as helpful as in the halter class, plus, I was so nervous I could barely function.  I don't know what the heck happened with that - I think the class with Blondie had me a little on edge.  I had a few problems with Classi, and we were 2nd out of 2.  Still, for the second time I've ridden her a show, we didn't become totally unglued.  I did, however, make a lot of stupid mistakes - hope I don't repeat them in the championship!

The parents and Jen arrived for the evening session to cheer me on.  D decided that I would drive Blondie in the first class, and then ride her in the Challenge of the Breeds class 3 classes later.  There are no required halts, so he thought she would be better, and that I would have a better ride. 

The driving class was boring, since it was just us, so I didn't push her, since she would be riding shortly after.   I could hardly hear the announcer, though, and since I haven't driving CP before, I wasn't really sure about what I was supposed to do!  Everyone has been complaining about the overhear speakers being so difficult to make out.   It is a good thing the steward and the judge are so helpful!  Blondie was very good during the class, and she even halted with no problems.  Blinkers are such a wonderful thing.

The riding class was a blast.  Jen and Sammy went in it, too, and there were 6 or 7 riders.  Blondie did every I asked her to, except walk the second way.  M yelled at me to sit down when we jigged by her.  Got the canter leads both ways, and we ended up 4.  I'm very happy with that result,  and I'm finally starting to feel like we are making some progress under saddle.

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