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Ok, so I was forced to leave behind horse show fantasy land and return to reality, which consists of a pile of mail to go through and a wasp buzzing around the computer room.  It keeps hiding when I grab the fly swatter - pesky thing.  Buu was happy to see me, and that's always good to know.  I think Dean was happy, too, but he's not as open with his feelings.

Yesterday was rather uneventful.  Stopped by Tokyo Sushi for some rice curry and a crunch roll, and ended up with enough leftovers for dinner.  Those in room fridges and microwaves are so handy.  Then rode Classi and drove Blondie in the evening session. 

D reshod Classi to see if she would move a little better.  She has a little hitch in her get along but he can't figure out where it is.  Then they tell me to always ride the left diagonal before going into class.  Like, 2 minutes before the class.  I just can't mentally adjust like that when they tell me to do something that we train all year not to do - ride on the wrong diagonal.  Led to a little discussion after the class with M about me not listening during class.  Not changing the game plan two minutes prior to class would have helped!  I do not adjust well when I am freaked out before a class.  Anyway, since it was just a one horse class, the agony didn't linger on for too long.  Oh, and I won 60 bucks for my troubles.  Yay!

Blondie's driving championship was a one horse class, too.  I couldn't keep her on the rail, and her head wasn't straight, but I didn't want to get into a fight with her when it didn't really matter.  I figured I would be after her in this morning's class to make up for it.

The Challenge of the Breeds Eng Pleasure Champ. was a 9 horse class.  I love big classes!  Our warm up consisted of a trot around, and a canter around.  We have determined that Blondie does better if we don't bring her out until the last second.  I was still freaking out because all of the other entries had left the outside warm up ring long before, but they had just relocated to the dusty indoor warm up ring.

I have to admit that trotting through the chute at the fairgrounds and emerging in the arena is about the most fun you can have.  I think I lived for those brief seconds all weekend long.  I was able to do it a lot, since I was in so many classes.  It's not quite as fun in a buggy, but it's still a rush.

Blondie was so good during the class.  She walked for me, she trotted, she cantered on the correct lead both ways.  She wouldn't stay on the rail, though, so I tried to just keep her on straight lines about 10 feet off the rail.  D had told me on Thursday to just be consistent with what I did, and don't get upset if she wouldn't stay on the rail.  M kept telling me to just ride straight lines.  I was fortunate that many of the transitions were called near her end of the arena, and she talked me out of a pretty ugly walk.  Left rein, walk to the rail, turn, walk a straight line. 

I know that I didn't keep Blondie's head set the entire class, but she did everything that I asked her to.  She even stood relatively still in the line up.  We were 3rd out of 9, and that is the best we have ever done.  Leasing Classi has really helped me learn to ride my horse better, and I am feeling really good about the show.  Now, if I can figure out when to use more snaffle or curb rein, I might start getting this down better.

Uncle Rich came to watch my class, and after watching some of the kids ride, we went and had breakfast in Ferndale.  It was nice catching up with him - we hadn't been able to get together since the holidays.

And that ends the second horse show of the season.

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