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After the super busy weekend last week, I am finally starting to feel less exhausted.  In retrospect, I should have taken a break from riding on Monday, because I was going to be out late Tuesday to see a movie, which I never do during the week, and the Wednesday riding lesson is pretty late for me.  I went instead, and was up late trying to get a review finished for the other blog. 

We concentrated on equitation patterns during both classes, in part because the equitation classes at the horse show didn't go quite as expected.  In fact, I hear they brought on a bout of tears amongst the participants.  Ugh!

I rode Jimmy on Monday, and we practiced serpentines.   Jen just did not see the purpose for them, and Doc was just putzing along, which didn't help matters.  Jimmy has done the pattern at academy shows, so he was spot on for me. 

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Wednesday I rode Classi.  She is a great equitation horse.  She will canter, on the correct lead, with just a squeeze.  I do have a problem getting her to trot, though.  She is so quirky!  She thinks she needs to be cantering instead of trotting, and if you kick instead of squeeze, she gets all flustered.  Talk about being sensitive!

The first pattern we practiced just gave me fits.  It was a serpentine, and you had to trot 2 half circles and canter 2 half circles, your choice of how to complete the pattern.  I started on a canter, which was smooth, but the rest of the pattern just degenerated to a big mess because Classi wouldn't step into a trot.  Argh!  Have to work on that a bit more.

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The next pattern was canter down the quarterline, changing leads halfway.  Reverse and trot back on the same line, starting with the left diagonal.  Stop, back 5 steps and trot to the line up.  We nailed the cantering part, but trotted back like drunken sailors.  The back was rough because Classi doesn't like to back, and I trotted to the lineup on the wrong diagonal.  I am so glad I don't have to perform these exercises in public!  There's something to be said for waiting until later in life to learn to ride.

There are no lessons until next Wednesday due to horse shows (for the Morgans), and the holiday, so I will be chilling all weekend long.  Tonight I am running to the Japanese store with Jen to try to purchase a bag of rice - the price has jumped from 14.99 to 19.99!  I hope they have some left by the time we get there.

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