I Love Your Blog Award


Major thanks to Beckz for admitting, publicly, that she enjoys my blog.  Thanks for giving me the "I Love Your Blog  Award"!  It makes me happy that someone other than my parents tune in to my horsy adventures and that she doesn't think that I've lost my mind (unlike some other people!)  Beckz helms I Will Jump Sweet Jumps, and she's brave enough to jump her horses!  I'm a firm believer that what goes up usually comes down with a crash, so I have generally avoided trying that little endeavor. 

I would like to pass the award on to my favorite Great Danes,  Kaya and Luna.  These pretty girls know what's important in life, and they are quick to enjoy themselves at the beach or the in their backyard.  They are also very photogenic, so it's worth a stop by their blog, The Adventures of Kaya and Luna.  Keep up the good work, girls!!

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  1. jen says:
    Oh, the dogs are so fricken CUTE.

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