Weekend Adventures

Since I'm on a week long break from riding, and it's a long weekend, Dean and I headed out to find some cheap entertainment.  First up, we stopped by Indian Springs Metropark to check out the pond dome again.  Last time we visited in the fall, and the water was so murky it was impossible to see anything other than a few water fleas.  This time we saw some fish, snails, and lots of water fleas.  Oh, and a leach.  Then we took a hike along one of the nature trails. 

Yesterday, we went to Domino's Farms.  I figured that there would be a ton of baby animals, and I was right!  There were baby cows and goats and bunnies, and tons of chicks.  We bought a basket of carrot slices and it was fun feeding them to the goats.  One of the pigs investigated my pocket, leaving a muddy residue in its wake.  Hope it wasn't pig poo.

We had a lovely meal at Blue Nile, though I was left with a bit of indigestion this morning.  All of those lentils, I guess. Today we are just hanging around the house, and hopefully heading out for a quick bite to eat.  Then it's back to the daily grind tomorrow.

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