At the Barn

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Woke up this morning to discover that all of my websites were down.  Emailing back and forth to tech support at the hosting service, they assured me that the servers were just re-indexing, and everything would be fine in a few hours.  Came back from the barn and they were still down!  It really pisses me off that there was no warning about this "scheduled" maintenance, and that it took down all of my sites.  Another email to them, and now they are to manually correct them.  Argh!!

Here's a quick recap of the recent riding adventures.

Friday, rode Blondie in a full bridle.  A was teaching, and the lesson was short and sweet.  Kept Blondie in her bridle, and she did everything she was supposed to do.  When A went to wheel in the buggy, Blondie crammed her head way back, and I asked her why she didn't do that during the lesson!  A said she did, but it didn't look that way to me.  It was very, very humid, so we didn't work for very long, and the horse was still soaked when we were done.  It is too early for weather like this!

Today I rode Blondie first, and then Classi.  M is away at a horse show, and a lot of the show riders showed up at the barn.  It took forever to get up and get going.  I didn't get home until almost 1!

Rode Blondie in the full bridle again, with stretchers.  We walked, trotted, cantered in both directions and called it good.  I hate cantering with stretchers, and so does my horse.  Ugh.

Waited and waited, then brought Classi out.  We trotted figure 8's and cantered circles, and trotted some more.  She kept wanting to spook at the back gate going the second way.  Unlike Blondie, Classi gives you an idea about when she's going to spook.  She starts looking at things, and then the things start to look scary.  It's actually pretty funny, because when she cranes her neck out, I know she's going to jump at something.