It’s Too Early for This

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Monday's lesson was a very rough longe line lesson on Jimmy.  I wasn't very thrilled when I first learned of the lesson plan, but after feeling crabby about it for a bit, I realized that it is something I need to do.  I therefore set about to make the best of it, and worked as hard as I could to strengthen my muscles.

I admit that I felt a few moments of alarm when Jen was left unattended on Doc while L finished up Kim's lesson.  All was quickly turned good, however, and Jen had a longe line lesson, too.  She said later that she enjoyed it, and that her legs were very sore for a few days.

Wednesday's group lesson had 5 riders.  It was so humid!  While the temps weren't terrible, the humidity was just a killer.  We didn't work the horses the whole hour, instead working on no stirrups exercises and letting them walk out.

Classi started right off the bat jumping in fear from something.  I think if was an indentation in the dirt.  She is the spookiest horse I have ever ridden!  More so than Blondie, which I never would have thought possible.  Leasing her has given me so much more confidence on my own horse, but I am still very leery when I ride her.  I make sure that there's no air between my legs and the saddle, and that I hang on in case she does something silly.  Which she usually does, four or five times.

The walk and trot portion of the lesson was pretty standard, but I picked up the canter twice on the wrong lead going the first way.  Twice!  I haven't done that with her in ages.  M said that her head was tilted to the left, which had her pick up the wrong lead.  Going the first way, she did keep her head cocked to the left, and I couldn't get her to hold it straight.  After last week's wonderful lesson, I guess this week just wouldn't seem so smooth.

We took the horses outside to walk them out.  Getting Classi to walk through the mud and over the indentation left by the barn door was kind of funny, as she splayed her legs and didn't want to have anything to do with walking over it.  With M's help, we got her outside, but I only walked her part of the way down the drive.  She started getting to be a handful, especially when she saw the yearlings running up to the fence to get a closer look at us, so we headed back to the barn.  It was a lot cooler outside, so I took her tack off, grabbed a lead rope, and let her eat grass until the bugs were too much for her.

Friday's lesson is going to be interesting.  It is supposed to be 93 degrees and very humid, which means we won't be riding for very long.