The Lesson From Hell

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PS - In keeping with being a lesson from Hell, I haven't proofread this entry, because I want to pretend the events didn't happen.  Please ignore the typos.

Friday was blisteringly hot.  I rode Classi, and worked mainly at getting her head set.  I use too much snaffle in a training bridle, and too much curb in a show bridle.  It's very confusing and frustrating.  It took about 15 minutes to get her to drop her head, and I don't really think it was because of anything I did.  I think she just decided it was time to stop playing with me and she finally bent over.

Today was another scorching day.  I headed out a little early, because it was hot and humid at 9 am.  I got Blondie ready, Sarah helped me put on her show bridle, and then I took her out to the arena.  So far so good. D was finishing up with Tina and Gizmo, so he had me get on and just walk her around the arena.  We made it about halfway down the first rail when my stupid, stupid mare spooked, spun out, and almost dumped me.  I managed to grab mane and stayed on her back.  Everyone asked what happened, and I said she spooked.  She hasn't done that in a long time, so I was a little surprised, especially since the back door was open.  No scary line of light.  There was a white horse trailer parked in front of the door, and D thought that the sun shining on it was the problem.  I went into the middle of the arena, and M closed the door.  It really irritated me that my horse is such a space cadet that we had to close the door.

Ok, this is where things got really fun.  I couldn't get her anywhere near the back gate, even with M's help.  She didn't wait very long before having me get off. She got on, and then Blondie probably wished she had just trotted by the back gate.  M couldn't get her passed it, either, and even she had to grab mane.  At one point she got off and swatted Blondie if she went anywhere BUT near the back gate.  She asked one of the girls to go get D, because she needed help.  By the time he came to the arena, she managed to have Blondie go by the door without having a tantrum.

I got on, and we trotted both ways, cantered both ways, and got off.  Quick.  Everyone was a sweating, dripping mess by then.  I am feeling pretty low right now - after walking not even halfway down the rail, I broke my horse.  D told me it was about time for her to do something "silly," as he puts it.  In my terminology it was "retarded" and I'm still a peeved that I couldn't ride her through it.

After cooling off, I got Classi ready and took her for a spin.  It was really hot by then, so, again, I worked mainly on getting head set.  I didn't have it right until we cantered, when she dropped her head and finally tucked her nose in. 

After that, I was so sweaty and uncomfortable, I could hardly wait to get home.  It's only the first week of June, and the temps are already unbearable.  I can hardly wait for August. Ugh!

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