Things are Looking Up

Sammy and Classi - Share on Ovi

After Sunday's feelings of frustration, I wasn't so sure how I felt about riding last night.  I knew I wouldn't be riding Blondie, and since M had to leave to go to a meeting, I doubted that I would be riding Classi.  When Jen called to reschedule her lesson, I discovered I would be taking a longe line lesson with L.

Arriving at the barn, L and I went to get Jimmy.  He didn't have a halter on, so L asked if I minded riding Doc instead, since he was already in the barn.  No problem.  I didn't think the old guy would cause me too much trouble.  M wanted L to longe him for a few minutes first, because he hurt himself at the equestrian meet on Saturday.  He seemed sound, so we saddled him up.  

I had a really good lesson.  I worked very hard to improve my balance and leg strength - it certainly can't hurt since I own a crazy mare.  I was even able to canter with no reins, though I didn't feel totally solid in my seat.  I was much sweater than the horse by the time we were finished.

Because he wasn't very hot, L held him and let him eat grass while I brushed him. That's when I noticed that a large tree had fallen across the fenceline and took out two of the smaller pastures.  What a mess!  It was a big tree, and both it and the fence were in pieces. I don't know how I didn't see it when I first pulled up!  Tunnel vision, I guess.

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