Where has the Time Gone?

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Oh, look at that! It's already Sunday, and I haven't updated in a while.  The big news in Michigan, as in much of the Midwest, is the string of severe storms that blasted through the area.  It seemed that it stormed almost every day!  Each new storm brought more power outages.  We were lucky that the power only went out briefly.  Usually, we are the first to loose it, and the last to get it back.

Yesterday we wasted most of the day replacing our washer and dryer.  The dryer has been broken for months, and I finally became fed up with hanging everything up.  Relying on Dean's assessment that we needed an electric dryer, we had to waste another hour and a half going back to Lowe's for a price adjustment (units were cheaper at Home Depot), and to exchange the electric dry for the GAS one that we really needed.  Everything is set to be delivered in two weeks, as they are special orders.  More about them when they arrive.

I rode Classi in the group lesson and on Friday night.  The Wednesday lesson was partly conducted on the horse, and the remainder was a lesson in fitting and showing.  It was too hot and humid to work them for the whole hour, so everyone got a break and learned how to stand when the judge marches by.

Friday was another night devoted to head set and collection.  It was also hot again.  M said that I had my best ride on Classi, and I was able to keep her collected at the trot and the canter.  I wish I remembered what I did, because I couldn't do it today.

It wasn't as hot, but I became so overheated when I was riding Blondie.  It was stuffy in the arena, and I must have been dehydrated to start.  My face felt so hot, and I just wasn't feeling very well.  A said that Blondie looked good, but I thought that she was fighting the bridle too much, and other than a pass down the rail, I don't think that I ever got her head set.

Classi wouldn't bend at the poll, regardless of what I did.  This was frustrating the heck out of me.  In addition, she has a very bouncy canter the first way, and A was yelling at me the entire time to sit and stop bouncing on her back.  I was sitting.  Some more constructive advice would have helped, as it was obvious that I was having a hard time with her.  Grrrr.  It gets really frustrating when everyone is yelling different things at you, like "bring your hands up and back" and "put your hands down -they're too high" - all at the same time.

After getting Classi back in her stall, M asked if anyone wanted to jog Sammy, so I volunteered.  I haven't driven since the last horse show, and I haven't driven him since last year.  He is fun to drive because he just goes around and around.  He has a habit of cocking his head to the left, and I worked at getting it straight, with mixed results.  M had me work on head set and smooth transitions.

The next horse show is next week, and it's actually two back to back shows, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday.  I decided not to take Classi, because 8 classes in two days is a little more than I can handle, especially if the weather is hot and humid.  I'll let her stay home and sleep and take her to Schwartz Creek instead.  I am also going to ride Blondie instead of drive her, which might get interesting.  I hope I can ride her inside the ring before the classes start on Saturday, because the Mason arena is scary for her. 

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