Oh, That’s a Scary Tree!

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Horses are space aliens.  There is no other excuse for their bizarre behavior.  Monday, Classi was being a pig about her bridle and kept her nose stuck straight out.  M had me drop the snaffle rein and work with just the curb rein, bending and turning her jaw to try to get her to relax.  That wasn't working, so we started turning circles, massaging the reins.  Classi kept turning her head to look out the back gate.  We couldn't figure out what she was trying to look at.  M had me take her on the rail and start walking before she got silly.  Too late!

The rest of the lesson was a fight to ride her through her sudden terror of the tree out the back.  We closed the back door but the horrifying image of that horse eating tree was etched on her mind.  She was almost worse than Blondie!  Argh!  She refused to go forward and started getting light on her feet.  I turned her in a circle and tried again.  For 15 minutes, she insisted that she wasn't going near the back gate while I insisted that she was.  What a frustrating, tiring way to spend an evening! 

What did I learn?  Horses are space aliens!  That's what!!!  It's a tree, you silly mare!  A tree!  It's 20 feet from the door, and it runs a lot slower than you do!  Argh!

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