Gearing up for the Show

Well, here I sit with Jen, taking a little break after a late lunch.  We went to downtown East Lansing for sushi at Omi, and since Coldstone was giving away free pieces of ice cream cake, that was high on the list of places to visit, too.  Since we had so much left over sushi, I didn't want to walk around for very long, as it's a little warm out.  Guess what?  The Coldstone was right next door!  Score!  The cake was good!

We also had to stop and pick up a toothbrush because somebody forgot to bring one, and again, we lucked out.  There was a CVS on the other side of Omi!  Score again!  Jen picked out a toothbrush, ignoring my suggestion that she pick up the Hello Kitty one that was 50 percent off.  How could she?  50 PERCENT OFF!

On our way to East Lansing, we stopped at Build a Bear to pick up some clothes for Pal Mickey (join me in November for coverage), hit the clearance rack at Kohl's, and got my oil changed.  It was overdue.  Now we are waiting to head out to the fairgrounds - I'm supposed to give Blondie a spin around the arena around 8, which probably means I'll be riding around 9.  She is just terrible the first few times around a new place, so I'm so eager to hop on for a ride - not really.  Someone else is going to have to warm her up so I don't get into trouble.

Wednesday's lesson started about a half an hour late, which was a little annoying because I had been up since 3am.  I was so tired that I considered not going, but I made myself go anyway.  Classi was better behaved, and she even set her head for me.  A had put her in a bitting rig earlier in the day, since she forgot how to give to the bridle.  The lesson was shorter than normal, and I was so happy to finally get home.

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