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Today was a long day, and it's only 7:30!  We got up at 6, ate some bad free food at the hotel, and headed off to the show.  I didn't eat much, which turned out to be a mistake.  During the trot the first way of the ring, I was so nauseated that I thought I was going to puke right there in front of everyone.  That was not much fun!  I must have had an adrenalin spike or something, I don't think it was nerves because I didn't really feel nervous.

The wait to ride always seems like an eternity.  We helped Audie get ready because her mom couldn't be there today, and then waited some more.  My class was 10 in.  We did the usually quick warm up with Blondie, and then we headed into the class.

She wouldn't ride on the rail, and M kept yelling to ride straight lines.  I thought she meant to ride on the rail, she just meant to ride a straight line.  Blondie was good other than avoiding the rail, and we were 3 of our 6.

After the class, I was not feeling very well; I was so hot and my stomach was being very touchy.  I changed out of my suit, and Jen and I headed off for some lunch.  We ended up at Los Tres Amigos for some Mexican.  The food was good, the salsa was actually spicy, and the service wasn't bad.  We ended up with enough leftovers that we didn't have to worry about what to have for dinner.

After a refreshing two hour nap, we went back to the fairgrounds, stopping for a latte at Dunkin' Donuts, which they screwed up.  The guy was obviously new, and I think he put both flavor shots into Jen's.   We ended up pouring half of hers into mine and mixing them up so that Jen's wasn't so sweet and mine wasn't so bitter.  Oh well.  Won't be stopping there again tomorrow.

Back at the fairgrounds, it was a long wait until my last class of the day.  It was the last class!  Argh!  The show dragged so slowly today that they had to postpone the academy show by an hour.  I hope that the show moves a little faster tomorrow.

The championship class went well, and we were 3 out of 5.  I did better riding straight lines, but I over-rode her on the trot the second way and she started getting silly.  Good thing I was trotting by M and D and M was able to tell me to just settle.  Blondie settled once I did, and she kept motoring along for me.   When I got back to the barn, both M and D thought that I should have been 2nd, and M said that at one point, I should have been first.  She said I rode my horse every step of the way.  Yaay!  Things are improving.

I have to say that Jen's diet is working, too.  I have been following it with her for a week, and my riding clothes already fit better.  Of course, we have totally blown it this weekend, but we'll go back on Monday.

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