Show Wrap-up and Home Again

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This is Blondie's auntie

Sunday we headed to the fairgrounds a little later in the morning, and I ate a little more for breakfast.  Good move - I didn't feel sick again like the day before.  I decided to wear my new suit, which I bought two years ago but have never worn.  I didn't feel that I was deserving of such nice clothing, given my prior riding skills.  I finally feel comfortable enough riding Blondie that I pulled it out of its suit bag. 

Jen's diet is really working, and the suit fit great.  We didn't really like any of the shirts that I had brought, but with the right tie, I made due.  Jen said that it looked good.  Yay!

Off to the fairgrounds, dressed in my special suit and my new power bra, I was ready for the horse show.  There was that awful waiting again, but it seemed to go by faster than Saturday.  Pretty soon it was time to get up on Blondie, with M and A arguing about how we warmed her up the day before.  They kept insisting that we went to the tiny warm up ring, but we actually went to the track to trot a few times and canter a pass.  Not on Sunday.  It sort of irritates me when I am not given a chance to warm up.  The horse may not need to canter, but I need to know that I can get her on the correct lead.  It helps me feel better about going into class.  Grrrr.

After a hard ride, we placed 4th out of 7.  It was a slightly larger class with a different judge.  She obviously didn't like Blondie so much.  Ah, well.

After the class, Jen and I headed back to East Lansing to get some coffee and lunch.  We went to Schuler Books for the coffee, and I was surprised that they actually had the Seven Seas light novels that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.  Score!

After a yummy cap, we headed over to Cancun's for lunch.  It's a good thing that we are going back on the diet this week, because it seemed like we ate an awful lot.  I got the combo platter with a chile and a taco.  Jen got some weird thing with guac.  I hate guac.

Since we had checked out of the hotel, we didn't have anywhere to crash, so we headed back to the fairgrounds for a long wait until I rode in the second to the last class.  We took pictures, shot some video, helped people get ready for class, and even discovered that Liz liked manga.  She read several of the volumes that I brought, so we talked about series that we liked.  Then we got a free ice cream, waited for a huge storm to pass, and even squeezed in watching a few classes.  There was a driving class with a hackey and two Friesians, and I wished we had been in it.

My class finally came up, and I had changed into my old brown suit because of the rain.  That must be the reason we were 5th.  There were 6 or 7 entries, I can't remember which.  I was a little disappointed, but I am trying to remind myself that the ribbon doesn't really matter.  I just couldn't get Blondie to go with much impulsion.  Better luck next show - at least I'm riding her now, instead of watching someone else ride her.

Got home and discovered that my computer had crashed.  Not happy about that.  At all.  The guys at work are trying to save my data, but the system is pretty fubarred.  Crap.  Go out of town for two days, and come back to a huge mess.  I would be beside myself because my laptop was misbehaving, too, but Mike fixed it for me.  I think.   Once my PC is back up, I'll post some of the videos that I took.  

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