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Since I am on horsie hiatus until Monday, here's a quick post of life to the moment -

My new hobby is playing with my new HE washer and dryer, which Dean seems to think is really weird.  If you are going to spend that much money on appliances, you should enjoy them.  I haven't had a new washer or dryer, ever, and it's a little exciting having my own stuff, instead of someone else's hand-me downs.  I purchased the GE Profile washer and dryer, in the champagne color.  That's another thing he doesn't like about them, but I argue that if they are going to be that expensive, they should at least look like they are made of gold.  And since he told me to get whatever I wanted, he can't really complain.  I would suggest that you not purchase appliances at Lowe's - they were such a pain to deal with.

Jen and I had a good time at Anime Expo, at least until Jen got sick.  We went to lots of panels, Jen took a bunch of pictures, and we walked, a lot!  We were even able to play DDR without waiting in a huge line.  I don't know if that means the game isn't as popular, or we hit the arcade at the right times.  Travel days sucked, though, and between the bomb scare at LAX and all of the flight delays and plane hopping, I am not looking forward to flying again.  It's awful, and the airlines couldn't care less about their rude employees or lack of service.  I was joking that pretty soon they will charge extra for you to actually sit in their uncomfortable seats on the planes.  I wonder what the surcharge for that would be?  50 bucks, or else you have to stand in the cargo area and hold onto a railing the entire flight?  Or they will start charging for you to use the scary restrooms.   Yeah, now there's a thought.

Oh, and I still don't have my PC back.  It's supposed to be finished by Monday.  Somebody is never allowed to touch it again!  Good thing I have a laptop, or I would have torn my hair out...

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