Test Drive #1

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I must be nuts, because I'm looking for another horse.  It has been fun leasing Classi, but the summer is almost over, and she'll be going back home.  So, I have scraped together every last penny I can find, and I'm in the market for another pony.

Last night I looked at another Saddlebred. He is a 6 year old gelding, 17 hands, and he's used as a lesson horse at another barn.  D & M had him for a week's trial, and yesterday morning, someone called the owner and made an offer for him.  I had first dibs, but I had to make up my mind in a hurry.  I hate that.

First glance at Nemo didn't make any impression other than thinking that he's freaking huge.  He's bigger than Harley, but a lot more gangly.  M pointed out his flaws, including how parrot mouthed he is.  We saddled him up and she got on first, so I could see how he moved.

He is certainly not an object of beauty, and as she put him through his paces, M told me what she liked or didn't like about each of his gaits.  He canters downhill and is kind of clumsy.  Then she complained about how slippery my saddle is!  I told her it would give her better balance, which is what she tells me when I say it's slippery.

Then it was my turn to take Nemo for a spin.  He is huge!  I really had to stretch to get my foot in the stirrup.  He didn't move too badly going the first way, but when we turned and went the second way, he got kind of scrambly.  It felt really weird, like he was trying to trot and canter at the same time.  After a few times of that, I decided that he isn't the horse for me, and I told M to have the boss find me a nice Morgan.  There was one at the show on Saturday that caught my eye, but he is sadly way out of my price range.  I still have lots of time, though.  My goal is to find something by the end of the year.

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