I’m Back!

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Did you miss me? Things have been quiet on the horsie front, and I was only able to ride once last week.  That's not such a bad thing, because it was so hot and humid.  The Wednesday lesson was cut short because of the humidity, but I think that it affected me more than Classi.

During the group lesson we did the usual w/t/c, and then we lined up in the middle and each of us worked a pattern so the horses could cool off.  The pattern was really hard, and Blondie would have had a rough time doing it, but Classi tackled it like a champ.  We were to trot a diagonal line, stop.  Pivot and canter on a diagonal line.  Stop, back three steps, walk up three steps.  Pivot, canter on the incorrect lead.  Stop.  Pivot and trot another diagonal line, showing two changes of diagonal.  So, in short, we created a diamond shape.  The backing up was the hardest thing for Classi - getting her to stop at the corners of the diamond was hardest for me. 

It was raining this morning when I reached the barn.  The photographer guy that I met at Woodward Camera was there with a friend, and they were doing a barn shoot.  They are going to come out again when it's not raining so they can get some outside shots.  It was kind of weird having their flashes go off while we were riding...

Blondie was so good, until M shook some baby powder out to get Ritz's attention.  I didn't even see that she had the container, but all of a sudden Blondie spun out and wouldn't go forward.  I tried to turn her where I wanted her to go, but she started to fight, so I looped her in a circle and made her stay on the rail and trot past the light patches of dirt.  It wasn't a big deal, and it reminded me that I have made tremendous strides in my riding. 

Oh!  Today is the 3rd anniversary of when I started taking lessons!  It should be a holiday!

Next weekend is the Schwartz Creek show, and the weekend after is Ludington.  Classi is going home from Ludington.  It sort of bummed me out today when I realized that I'll only be leasing her for two more weeks. And A thinks that she has her sold, so yet another horse will pass through my life like a ship in the night. 

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