Oh, the Humidity!

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While at first it didn't seem very warm yesterday, I soon learned how wrong I was.  It was overcast and so humid!  Once Jen and I started lugging tack down to the other barn, the humidity made it a little uncomfortable.  That and Jen's phantom spider, that she swore was lurking in her helmet, ready to gobble her up, and causing her to throw her helmet in response.  Dude!  The plastic cracks if it hits the cement!  The purple spider helmet will now be kept in the safety of her car, where the terrifying arachnids can't get their clutches on it.

Classi got the lesson started with a bang, spooking at the far end.  Why?  There was a ridge of light colored dirt that she was sure was going to eat her.  Or cause her to tumble off a cliff to her death.  I don't know what, but she was acting suspiciously like Blondie.  If they weren't in different barns I would have sworn it was a conspiracy.

With M's help, I was able to get a couple of things accomplished.  I was able to get Classi's mind off of the dirt pile.  I was able to get her to set her head.  And best of all, I was able to get her moving in a nice, collected trot.  Despite the troubles she gave me, it was the best I have ridden her all summer.  Too bad she is going home in two weeks.