The Show: Friday Edition

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The internets are not cooperating, so these will all be posted on Sunday.  Here's the show adventure from Friday:

The driving class was uneventful.  Blondie was the only horse in the country pleasure.  Naturally, there were three horses in the show pleasure class.  One horse classes are a total bummer, so it figures that we were in it.

During the warm up, she was so lazy and slow.  She refused to hold her head up, or even trot.  D gave her a good crack with a riding whip when we ambled by, and she picked up the pace a bit, but she remained rather lethargic during the class.  No matter!  We won any way.  Oh, that's right, we were the only entry.

The riding class was a blast.  M had called earlier to ask if I wanted to ride her.  I wasn't sure, but decided that it's about time I started taking a few risks, so I said sure.  Then I started having second thoughts the minute I hung up the phone.  Blondie can be an incredible lunkhead at new arenas, and I don't like riding her in a class unless I've had a trial run.  When I got to the fairgrounds, I discovered that Jen and Sammy were in the same class, so I felt a little better.  I would just follow Sammy in, and it would be like a riding lesson back home. 

Since Blondie was already warmed up from the driving class, we waited until the last minute to bridle her.  I just wanted to pick up a canter on the left lead, and she picked it right up.  Then it was time to go in.  I saw Jen head up the drive into the arena, and got Blondie trotting to follow her in.

The class seemed like it went pretty well.  We had a bad moment when Blondie started trotting instead of walking.  My hands were too busy trying to get her head set, and she got all flustered.  I had her walking by the end of rail, where D happened to be standing, and he told me that were were ok, just keep riding.  Then it time to canter.

In the line up, Blondie behaved herself and backed right away, slowly and almost like she had manners.  It's one of the first times that she stood quietly and didn't make a fuss.  When they announced the first place number, I couldn't believe that it was mine.  It didn't even sink in after they called her name.  I sat there in disbelief.  Holy shit, we finally won a riding class!  One with six other horses!  I still don't really get it, because it wasn't the best she's been, but M said that every time we passed by the judge, her head was up and she was doing exactly what she was supposed to be.  When we cantered, it was in a slow little ball.  So yay, Blondie!  Thanks for making it look like I knew what I was doing.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anybody to take a picture, so here's one from the last show.

Had to eat at Wendy's twice today - YUCK!

Oh, yea, I'm too tired to proofread, so just deal with the typos!

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