The Show: Saturday Edition

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Saturday came a little too soon.  Once again, I woke up with a headache.  Last year at the same show, I had such a bad migraine that I missed Blondie's in-hand class.  This year, when I woke up at 3AM not feeling quite right, I took some aspirin.  I think it staved off another migraine.  I don't know if it's the hotel or the fairgrounds that is causing this problem.  I'll go with the hotel, even though it is new and very clean - more about that later.

I was going to tail Blondie in her class, so I got to run after her waving a whip back and forth.  Unless she was acting like an idiot, in which case I was to stand back and avoid being kicked.  There were three horses in the class, and Blondie was still being lazy, so M told me to push her forward.  It was way too early to be running around in circles after a horse, and I didn't get any pictures, so I'm kind of bummed about the experience.  Oh, Blondie was so taken with Diesel, the new ASB at the barn, that she was a perfect angel.  He was standing behind us, and she kept giving him coy glances out of the corner of her eye.  Chickie, let me clue you in - he's a gelding!!  Anyway, he helped her win another blue ribbon, so thanks, big guy!

I headed off to Bob Evans for a solo breakfast after that, as my next class wasn't until about 2PM.  It was only 9AM.  I also stopped at KMart - no wonder they can't sell anything - they didn't have much to look at.  I haven't been in one in about 8 years, and I have to say that Target is so much better, there's absolutely no comparison. 

Oh! I forgot to mention the sock dilemma from Friday.  I left my show shoes at the hotel, and since it's about a 35 minute round trip, I decided to just head up to Meijer to buy another pair.  My show boots are very tight, and I need thin socks or they don't fit.  The selection was not the best, and I ended up in the girls department.  What I needed was on sale - 4 pair for 1.99, but I wasn't sure if they would fit.  I bought 2 packs anyway - they fit great!  Now I can purchase cheapo socks for the shows, which get all muddy and disgusting and I don't have to feel bad about them getting trashed.  Yay!

Back at the fairgrounds, I tried to take a little nap while sitting in a chair.  I don't know how D does it - it is so uncomfortable. I gave up and started reading instead, but I was so tired!  I really wish I could afford a little mo-ho so I could take a nap or blog or read at the shows.  Keep saving pennies!

Pretty soon it was time for my driving class.  It was the championship class.   I had a terrible time keeping her straight.  It really looked like I had never driven before.  Don't know what the problem was, either.  Didn't matter, we won!  Oh, we were the only entry.  No matter, it meant that I was able to pick another crystal after the class (winners of every class get to pick out a piece of crystal at this show), and I was able to make another fool of myself in a victory lap.   Walking back to the barn, someone joked that we should leave a couple of blues for somebody else.  I thought that was pretty funny.  Please, somebody else entry CP driving classes! I'm more than happy to share, just so there's some competition.

Then came the looooonnnggg wait until the riding class.  And I do mean long.  Sheesh.  It was the longest afternoon that I recall.  We bridled her just before the class, and then just walked back and forth.  M was helping Liz get Glory ready for the class directly after ours, so A and A2 were in charge of me and Jen.  D was off shoeing somewhere, probably thrilled to death to not have to wait around the dusty fairgrounds.  A2 was helping me, and she gave me some really good advice about how to keep from holding too much curb, which is a bad habit of mine.  We had also talked earlier in the day, and she pointed out how the judge observed the class.  He stood facing one way, and very rarely glanced behind.  He watched two rails instead.  She told me to have Blondie fixed every time we went down the rail he was watching.  Check!

There were 11 horses in the championship class.  Blondie walked better, and I thought she showed better than Friday.  She was pleasant in the line up again, and she backed upon request.  We ended up 3rd, and I was the highest place adult riding.  Two junior exhibitors placed first and second.  All in all, we had a really good show, and I had a great time!

Now, I proudly present the Wall 'o Ribbons!  The first 5 are Blondie's, as well as the "weed", as Dean likes to refer to it.

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I stayed at the Quality Inn in Durand, which I believe opened last year.  I like the hotel, except for the headache issue and the difficulty I have getting their wireless to work.  I was never able to connect my Lenovo this time around.

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As you can see, there's a mountain of pillows on every bed. Four to be exact. Since I only have one head, I only really needed one pillow. The bed was very comfy.

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I really wish that I had remembered that there were a fridge and a microwave in the room. I would have brought ramen for dinner Friday night and yogurt and granola for breakfast.   The free buffet was a bit of a joke, and the only thing that I ate was a toasted english muffin.  With peanut butter.  From a jar of Peter Pan PB.  No bananas, no yogurt, no much of anything.  The coffee was good, and I did help myself to several cups of that.  For as long as I was able to actually spend at the hotel, it was a pretty good value for the money - much better than having to drive from Flint or stay at the overpriced, uncomfortable, noisy Comstock Inn.

Note: Professional actress portrayed in photos is not the actual star of this blog.  Just a representation.

Oh, this isn't edited either.  Please deal with it, and if you email mistakes, I'll probably fix them.

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    Julie i made your pie!!!!!!! so you should tell me when the next time your gonna be at the barn so i can drop your pie off.
  2. Julie says:
    Pie!! I won’t be there until next Wednesday – I’m going to Ludington tomorrow.

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