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I rode the new horse on Sunday!  Diesel is a 5 gaited ASB with a few lameness issues.  He was very sweet and very willing to do whatever I asked, as long as I asked correctly.  Getting him to slow gait was a lot harder than getting Cookie to do the same thing.  I never did get him to full on rack, but his trot was nice and smooth (mostly), sort of like slipping on a comfy pair of sneakers.  I really like him.

After, I rode Classi in a full bridle, taking care to not use too much curb rein.  I had a problem getting her to trot, but over all, it wasn't a bad warm up for the show this weekend.

Blondie had the day off, and I turned her out in the round pen so she could run around like a crazy thing.  I didn't think she's have the energy, but she was bucking and running around, kicking up clouds of dust.  When Harley was turned out, he just groaned, sank to the ground, and rolled around a bit.  Silly horsie.

Yesterday I rode Classi, and Jen rode Harley.  We both had a great lesson.  It was very hot in the arena, so we called it quits a little early.  Classi was an angel, except for when the sun came out from behind the clouds, casting a shadow by the back gate.  She spooked every time we went around, but I didn't have much patience for her nonsense, and kept her moving along fairly well.  This was only an issue going the second way, mind you.  Not sure why, as the shadow was the same in both directions.

Jen declared that now she likes Harley, and she was able to keep him in forward motion.  She has a much better seat at the canter than I do, which seems a little unfair, as I've been riding longer than she has.  No fair, I say!  No fair!!

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