Sunday at the Barn – Yup, even on Christmas Eve!

Since horses don't celebrate the holidays, D & M were planning on working horses today.  They told me to come along.  When I got there, it was just D, as M wanted to stay home and clean the house!  Is she nuts? 

I rode Doc #1 first.  He's a 2 year old Morgan.  When I tried to get on the first time, he jumped away, and D told me not to worry.  He was sort of broke.  Great!

He actually wasn't bad, except that I couldn't get him to canter the first way.  Apparently, it's his bad side, and he has trouble getting the correct lead.  We switched directions, and after asking a few times, he picked up the canter.

D had dropped the stirrups 2 more holes, and it's a lot harder for me to ride with my legs so long.  Trotting wasn't bad, but I kept creeping up to the front of the saddle while cantering.  To show me the difference between long and short stirrups, he raised them about 8 holes (I felt like a jockey), and had me pick up a trot.  I kept popping out of the saddle.  Then he had me canter, and I almost fell off.  If I hadn't turned the horse into the wall and stopped him there, I would have slid off.  It didn't help that the saddle slipped, too!

After putting Doc away, I got Blondie ready.  This was a wild ride.  D started lighting smoke bombs, which Blondie didn't like at all.  At one point, when she spun out on me, he told me to grab the reins in one hand and crack her across the a$$.  Now, I admit I was a little hesitant to do this, because I wasn't sure what Blondie would do, but, gathering my courage, I did as instructed.  All the way down the rail.  And guess what??  She started listening to me after that!

D said that after I got after her, it was the best ride I had ever had on her.  Her ears were up, her head was up, and she was paying attention to me.  She even cantered both directions without too much trouble.   Yea!

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