Wrap up at Country Inn & Suites

We are getting ready to head off again.  Well, I am.  Sarah is snoozing away.  I'll give her a few more minutes, and then I'm dumping a cup of water on her head.  I'm hungry!

The bed was very comfortable, and I was actually able to set the temperature on the AC to the perfect temp.  Not too cold, and not too hot.  It sure was stuffy in here last night when we first arrived.

The shower was disappointing, and the tub needs some work.  It didn't drain, so I was standing in ankle deep water. Yuck!  Didn't like that.  At all.

Here are a few more pictures of the lobby.  The coffee here is delicious, but the way!

Ludington - Share on Ovi

This is the new friend that I made.  He was very well behaved and hardly made a fuss at all.

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The hotel is quite homey, and is designed to resemble a rambling farm house.  Here I am, resting by the fireplace.


Ludington - Share on Ovi

There is a porch with tables and chairs just outside the lobby, and I took a few moments to enjoy the morning quiet before journeying off to Bob Evans for breakfast.

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