An Ode to Sweaty Horses

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Not much to say about last night's lesson other than, Dear God was it hot and humid!  There's something to be said when the horse is sweating before you even put a saddle on its back.  Or when I'm sweating before I even get on.  I didn't realize how awful it was until it was too late to change my mind about riding. Ugh.

Blondie shuffled along, and we didn't push her very hard.  It was just too hot.  She is like me, and she doesn't function well when it's around 90 degrees.  Since she wasn't moving very fast, M had me drop both stirrups and post without them.  I hate doing this, because I feel like I'm going to fall off, and my hands and arms get out of control.  Blondie wasn't helping much because she kept stopping.  I kept my legs out of her because I didn't want her going very fast, which would increase my chances of falling gracelessly off.  I was so happy when that was over.

After a brief, and I mean, very brief ride outside with Liz and Glory (lessons overlapped), we made a mad dash to escape the flies and went back to the barn.  The flies were horrible. Horrible!!  Not content to eat the horses, they even started attacking me!  Filthy things.

It took forever for Blondie to cool off, and she never did dry all the way, even after a vigorous rubdown with a towel.  With the high humidly, no wonder!  I was a sweaty mess by the time I got her tail set back on, and by the time I got home, I was exhausted.  Early to bed for me!

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