The Words for the Day are – Hot, Humid, Sweaty

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Road pony

Fearing another toasty day, I headed out to the barn a little early.  I probably shouldn't have bothered, because the barn help was running late, so the tractor was parked right in front of Blondie's stall.  I slowly got her ready, and after farting around for about 20 minutes, I finally had to ask them to move it out of the way. 

It was stifling in the arena, so we didn't work the horses very long.  We walked, trotted, trotted figure eights, then cantered.  In both directions.  Blondie was soaked after about 20 minutes, so we called it good.  Then I walked her for a while, before taking her back to her stall.  I took her out and let her eat some grass, but she didn't dry off all that much.  And she gave me a hard time when I wanted to bring her in.  It made me want to reconsider giving her a peppermint, but she still got one anyway. 

Tomorrow I am supposed to ride Diesel, and there is a woman coming out who makes custom suits.  I am interested to see what kind of fabrics she has, so I am going to be talking with her about it.  My old brown suit is in pretty bad shape, and it doesn't fit me very well.

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